Executive Briefing I

11:05 AM

The pandemic forced the world to embrace digital ways of working and transacting. As we contemplate a decidedly digital future, there will be no snap back to former realities. This session offers a framework for the digital road ahead. We’ll discuss how enterprises can leverage native automation, data and decisions, and people and process change to break down their internal silos and drive unprecedented stakeholder value for employees, customers, and partners.

11:35 AM

Organizations across industries, spurred by unparalleled disruptions, are rethinking how to design, construct, source, and operate business processes to maintain and extend their competitive edge. The need for new ways of working across internal silos and external ecosystem partners has never been greater. This requires a holistic approach with speed that shifts from a “value from” mindset to a “value to” mindset, builds new skills, transforms process into enterprise workflows, applies emerging technologies like AI and automation, and harnesses the power of data. 

12:05 PM

Digitization continues to dissolve industry boundaries as business and technology platforms transform how enterprises connect, collaborate, and compete. How do organizations best evaluate, measure, and manage complex decisions to navigate the ecosystem value proposition? This session offers insights from new research that illustrates how upstarts and incumbents alike are rethinking and strategizing how to add value to the end customer by engaging in new and creative ways to develop broader and more encompassing solutions.

12:35 PM

L’Oreal has a new vision that merges research and innovation to better respond to the dynamics of both market disruption and consumer behavior. Their multi-faceted digital transformation path includes a company-wide vision to accelerate the innovation process through a revolutionized IT business model, intelligent systems, a robust partner ecosystem, and technology to augment products with services, launching more than 7 billion finished goods a year, sustainably and at scale.

Designed as two interactive programs, the briefings are curated for global industry leaders who are responsible to digitize and transform business as usual, from the factory floor to the banking center.