Executive Briefing II

11:05 AM

Thriving through disruption: when ecosystems and creativity collide. How do successful companies grow, differentiate, and gain a competitive mindset for navigating change and exploiting dynamic market conditions through new business models, new products, and new ways of working? “Innovation through ecosystems” offers a scalable approach to establishing value alignment through common purpose and financial incentives with partners, customers, and suppliers. Whether your digital transformation journey is fledgling or mature, this session imparts best practices on how to start from where you are today.

11:35 AM

This session offers guiding principles key to successful and sustainable digital transformation— starting from where you are today. Separating success from stagnation is the science of discovery as enterprise organizations experiment with proven iterative, rapid-cycle innovation, supported through cross-functional collaboration and enabled by a lightweight and adaptable technology architecture. One thing is certain: business will not be as usual going forward. As today’s leaders tackle market dynamics, legacy thinking, heterogenous systems, siloed systems, and multiple data sources, the ingredients to further build and refine your agile enterprise are already in your hands.

12:05 PM

As lines blur between industries, between B2C and B2B markets, and between platforms and non-platform firms, Internet-era information is driving an unprecedented rate of economic change mediated by platform partnerships. This community creates value for ecosystem partners as users create value for one another. These “network effects” enable organizations to scale value outside the firm rapidly through third parties, creating a feedback loop that devastates competitors. Understand why it is easier to add a technology to a community than to add a community to a technology; why it matters and what is at stake.

12:35 PM

As the pandemic continues to usher in a new era of doing business, one thing is clear: what worked in the past will not fly going forward. Whether your organization is large or small, lessons can be learned from PepsiCo’s digital transformation journey in R&D. While smaller companies may be more agile, PepsiCo has two assets integral to its efforts and essential to outpacing more nimble, smaller players vying for market share. This session offers a unique look at the PepsiCo strategy and methodology, examining how 100,000+ data points (proprietary as well as public) can unlock new competitive advantages by transforming the innovation process and enabling product traceability.

Designed as two interactive programs, the briefings are curated for global industry leaders who are responsible to digitize and transform business as usual, from the factory floor to the banking center.