Below is an overview of the topics. The full agenda will be posted soon. Subject to change as details are confirmed.

Tuesday, November 1

Experience Innovation

Solve today’s biggest problems with ambitious, innovative thinking.

MIT HealthLab Open House

Join us for a special guided tour of MIT's new Center for Clinical and Translational Research, which is revolutionizing medical diagnostics and treatments. Hear about the key research underway, and participate in an open house featuring hands-on demos of the new software and hardware concepts that will transform the medical device industry. *Available to Hybrid ticket holders only*

The Moonshot Workshop

Turn passion into purpose. Moonshots target exponential improvement through innovations that positively impact the world. Learn how to transform the kernel of an idea into a viable moonshot with the potential to solve impossible problems in unimaginable ways. *Available to Virtual and Hybrid ticket holders*

Tackling Huge Challenges Together

History tends to elevate lone heroes, but recent events have shown that enormous challenges can only be solved through team effort. Two celebrated leaders from science and sport discuss how collaboration, resolve, and empathy has contributed to some of their most recognizable achievements. They define their vision for the future, and chart where they’ll set their sights next.

Wednesday, November 2

Global Technology

Explore the technologies that are creating new opportunities for our planet, our bodies and our businesses.

Commercializing Space

Space is the next frontier for business, offering opportunities to enhance our life on Earth. Get an inside look at the research and competitive business applications that will change how we think about space as a viable commercial enterprise.

Solving Global Tech Challenges

Our physical world is facing unprecedented challenges fueled by the technologies of our digital world. We explore the financial, international, and social impacts of technology on our lives and businesses.

Programmable Medicine

A new wave of treatments and therapies that are inherently programmable are arriving. From covid-19 vaccines to CRISPR editing for heart disease, the difference between today’s drug and tomorrow’s blockbuster breakthrough might only be a few months—and a few genetic letters—away.

Future Clean Energy Solutions

All organizations are on a path toward clean energy, whether they realize it or not. Learn about new technologies that will generate clean, efficient, and affordable energy, and get a head start on how businesses can adapt their energy needs for a sustainable future.

Thursday, November 3

Humanity and the Machines

Explore the intersection of technology and humanity to learn which emerging innovations will have the biggest impact on our lives.

Transforming the Digital World

From Web 3.0 to the metaverse, our digitized lives have opened new opportunities for people and businesses to connect. Take a deep dive into what’s working, what’s not, and what needs to change for a prosperous, equitable, and ever-connected world.

Next-Generation Body Tech

Wearables are no longer just for monitoring your heart rate. Explore what experiences become possible as we instrument our bodies.

Building Tomorrow’s AI

Unpack what’s next for AI, and get a glimpse at future applications for some of today’s most exciting research and development.

New Frontiers in Hard Technology

Research drives innovation, providing commercial solutions for our hardest problems. Get an insider’s look at the next generation of remarkable technologies that could change everything.

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