The emergent industrial metaverse


Designed for those tasked with making technology decisions, The Emergent Industrial Metaverse explores the emergence of the industrial metaverse: its building blocks, use cases, challenges and opportunities, and the effect it will have on both businesses and everyday life. MIT Technology Review Insights conducted interviews with technologists, industry analysts, and academics worldwide to compile strategies and best practices that enable organizations to find their way to the industrial metaverse.

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Harnessing the industrial metaverse


Through thought leader perspectives and boots-on-the-ground insights, we explore what is shaping the emergent industrial metaverse; its projected impact; how, when, and in what way to get on board; and how to measure success in the era of solving real-world problems - digitally.

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Go on short journeys and take small suitcases


Peter Körte, Siemens' Chief Technology & Strategy Officer, and Paul McDonagh-Smith from MIT Sloan School of Management discuss the pivotal role of human capabilities such as creativity, curiosity, and compassion in bridging the gap between the real and digital worlds – and how businesses can empower their people to drive digital transformation.

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Industrial metaverse glossary


Get to know the terminologies around the Industrial Metaverse and learn what the Industrial Metaverse is all about.

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