Enabling the
industrial metaverse

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Live at the MIT Media Lab | June 12, 2023

The emergent industrial metaverse

The metaverse as a digital ecosystem is taking shape more and more with each passing day. Openness and interoperability are the basic prerequisites for building the industrial metaverse, and it will be the users who create it - their reality and experiences, their business needs and innovations. So, how can organizations benefit from the industrial metaverse, and how do they prepare? We explore the benefits and promises of this technology, the enabling tools and solutions, and the digital business platform that will help pave the way to realization.

Whether your footprint begins with one machine or supports an entire factory, join us to discover where simulation meets reality at the intersection of design, business, and technology as we speed toward the next evolution of human-machine convergence.

Featured speakers

Tenured Scientist
Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution
Siemens USA
Siemens AG
Director, Azure Virtual Desktop


This event was hosted live on the MIT campus June 12, 2023.
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Siemens AG is a technology company focused on advancing the backbone of economies and societies through industry, infrastructure, transport, and healthcare. At Siemens, more than 300,000 people work together to create technology with purpose and adding real value for customers: from more resource-efficient factories, resilient supply chains, and smarter buildings and grids, to cleaner and more comfortable transportation as well as advanced healthcare. By combining the real and the digital worlds, Siemens empowers its customers to transform their industries and markets, helping them to transform the everyday for billions of people. Today, the company offers the industry's most comprehensive digital twin capabilities and is working to make this the key building block for an immersive, concurrent, persistent, and real-time industrial metaverse.

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