11:05 AM

Join Nicole Eagan, Chief AI and Strategy Officer for Darktrace, to cut through the Generative AI hype. Nicole will break down how applying the right type of AI to the right security challenge can transform the workflow of your security team and help you stay ahead of a rapidly evolving threat landscape.

11:35 AM

Modern Security Operations Center (SOC) teams are under immense pressure to respond to emerging threats and vulnerabilities in real time. Talent is scarce, and CISOs are looking for ways to enhance and augment their thinly stretched human teams. This session explores the challenges facing SOC teams and how AI and automation can help.

12:05 PM

As organizations bring more powerful AI into their business and cybersecurity processes, they must be intentional about fostering trust between humans and machines through transparency, accountability, and ethical decision-making. This session explores the crucial aspects of fostering trust and the guardrails needed to uphold that trust.