Below is an overview of the topics. The full agenda will be posted soon. Subject to change as details are confirmed.

Monday, June 6

VIP Lab Tour

VIP Hybrid attendees are invited to join our MIT Inside Track lab tour event, which will also host a special welcome reception for tour attendees. Space is limited. Requires sign up on a first come, first served basis.

MIT-IBM Watson AI Lab Tour & Reception

AI science presents a whole new set of opportunities and challenges that impact the future of work. Dr. David Cox, IBM director at the collaborative industrial-academic MIT-IBM Watson AI Lab, takes attendees on an exclusive guided tour of the lab facilities and discusses the key AI research underway that is transforming business and industries. The tour concludes with an interactive demo showcase and reception. Advance registration is required.

*Available to VIP Hybrid ticket holders only*

Tuesday, June 7


Creating a resilient and adaptable organization through agile leadership and flexible technology.

Unlocking Resilience 

Resilient organizations don’t just adapt to change; they thrive in it. Hear from industry leaders who leveraged the changing work environment as a catalyst for growth. Plus, glimpse the next wave of digital transformation and the importance of aligning talent with technological advancements.

Accelerating Talent and Training

It’s never been more important for organizations to pay attention to how they train and motivate their workers. Explore progressive strategies that empower employees to address skills gaps and effectively integrate technology into their work lives.

Collaboration, Communication, and Virtual Innovation

Technology continues to unlock the potential of advanced communications, enabling workers to connect on a vastly deeper and more meaningful level. Get leading strategies for converting the power of emerging collaboration tools into business advantage.

Workplace Equity and Social Impact

There’s never been a greater need for business leaders to take center stage in shaping a better tomorrow – not just for the workforce, but for society at large. Hear from industry trailblazers who are building more equitable corporate cultures through new business imperatives.

Wednesday, June 8


Finding today’s opportunities hidden in the technologies of tomorrow.

Capitalizing on Data

Data has become both a burden and an advantage for many businesses. Identify and overcome the barriers — from a technology, people, privacy, and processes perspective — to realizing the full potential of your data, and gain insights for leveraging analytics to optimize smart technology ROI.

The Workspace Evolution

The terms “workspace” and “workplace” are often used interchangeably, but they’ve come to represent distinct concepts as technology has created new possibilities for how and where work happens. We delve into this evolution and discuss the pros and cons of various work models, the drivers behind them, and what the future holds for each.

The Evolving Role of IT

In an increasingly hybrid and SaaS world, the level of control IT departments once had over the processes they managed has shifted. Delve into the impact on security, workflow, job roles, and skills requirements, and get tips for aligning IT bandwidth with broader business goals.

Leading Tomorrow’s Workforce

We wrap up the program by taking a closer look at the road ahead and how innovative leaders are capitalizing on the opportunities unveiled by change. You’ll come away empowered to make decisions from a position of knowledge and with the capacity to endure whatever disruption lies ahead.

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