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Agenda overview

Tuesday, September 28

The digital future

The road to cyber-resiliency

The destructive rise of ransomware has quantified the cost of cybersecurity and elevated cyber-resilience from an IT concern to an executive mandate. Learn how we can defend against infinite threats with finite resources.

The business of blockchain

Digital value is changing the fundamental rules of business. Digital currencies, NFTs, and smart contracts are shifting power and creating new opportunities for those who understand their possibilities and potential.

Convergence in the cloud

Together, the cloud, edge computing, and 5G are altering what’s possible. Grasp the tangible benefits of real-world intelligent cloud computing and learn how it’s transforming business.

Wednesday, September 29

Mind, body, work

AI as a global disruptor

Artificial intelligence’s superhuman data processing capabilities have far-reaching implications. Unpack the oncoming effects on industry and society and explore the issues of ethics, inequity, and more that we’ll face as we strive to maintain control of algorithms that are controlling us.

Biotechnology for a post-pandemic world

The pandemic shutdowns focused a new spotlight on biotech. See the emerging advances in everything from drug development to vaccine next steps to gene editing, and glimpse which ones will help us through the next crisis.

Extending the workplace

The events of 2020 forced us to reimagine the workplace as never before, with remote workers, hybrid workplaces, and distributed teams. Explore real-world augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) projects poised to change the way we work when we’re no longer constrained by space and walls.

Thursday, September 30

Powering our world

Ensuring energy resilience

As every aspect of our lives rapidly becomes digitized, ensuring energy resilience and efficiency is critical to powering the technologies we rely on in our businesses and our lives. From the future of the power grid to nuclear power and renewable energy, assess the knowledge needed for choosing the right energy source.

Countering climate change

As climate change marches on, affecting business, society, and the planet, the financial tipping point is around the corner. Adopt strategies to advance environmental responsibility and reduce risk with the latest in carbon capture technologies, green building, and more.

Turning innovation into action

Research and innovation are only a few steps to achieving impactful change. Assess unique leadership approaches to chart the course for implementation from the lab to the real world.

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