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Wednesday, October 4

Act Now

The Inflation Reduction Act is fueling innovations that are bending the emissions curve down, but we need more than a bend. We are running out of time to make the impact we need. Today we examine the technologies with the greatest potential to clean up our energy infrastructure in the shortest time.

Act Now

Embracing the Inflation Reduction Act as our catalyst for dollars and change while also being mindful that we must act now, we explore the ground-breaking technologies poised to swiftly clean up our energy infrastructure and forge a sustainable future.

Cleaning up Electricity

A large portion of the greenhouse gases that blanket the Earth and trap the sun’s heat are released by burning fossil fuels to generate electricity. Wind, solar, geothermal, and green hydrogen hold the potential to power an energy revolution by diversifying our energy mix and reducing reliance on fossil fuels.

AI-Accelerated Climate Action

AI holds the potential to accelerate climate change mitigation efforts by forecasting extreme weather events and aiding in the discovery of new sustainable materials. AI’s ability to unearth concealed patterns within vast data sets is propelling us towards a greener future faster.

Electrify Everything

Tackling climate change is a complicated undertaking, but here’s a good rule of thumb for how to get started: electrify everything. It’s not enough to solely clean up our electrical supply with wind and solar—we need to tackle industrial processes with excessive fossil fuel demand, such as fertilizers and steel, and solve the storage problem with better batteries.

Thursday, October 5

The Business Climate of the Climate Business

Business needs to achieve an energy transformation on the scale of the industrial revolution at the speed of the digital age. Technology can power that transformation, but it alone cannot guarantee change. Effective policies and societal changes are essential to ensuring that climate technologies achieve their desired impact at speed and scale.

The Business Climate of the Climate Business

Enterprises now thrive in the climate-conscious business landscape, where profitability and sustainability go hand in hand. New policies, innovations, and attitudes have made it possible to address environmental challenges while fostering robust economic growth.

Global City Solutions

More than half the world’s population lives in urban areas, which account for an estimated 76% of CO2 emissions from energy use. It is imperative that city officials act on climate change. These actions will not only decrease emissions, but also improve aging infrastructure and make their areas more attractive to residents and businesses.

Green Business

Adapting to regulatory environments, scaling innovations from the lab to market, and securing financing are challenges for any business, but they are magnified for those building the new clean economy. Success requires both delivering sustainable technologies and maintaining a sustainable business.

This Could Change Everything

Climate change is a big problem that requires bold solutions. Nuclear fusion, carbon capture, and electrifying aviation possess remarkable potential to catalyze a transformative shift in our efforts to address climate challenges on a global scale.

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