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Monday, September 30

Leading with Innovation

Ambitious, innovative thinking to solve today’s biggest problems

Leading with Innovation

Technology is re-shaping the world at a rate that is rapidly approaching – and, for some, has surpassed - humanity’s ability to keep pace. This session explores the art of purposefully managing tech-driven change, ensuring innovation leads to meaningful progress. This is an exploration of amazing breakthroughs and the necessary boundaries of a technology-driven world.

The Idea Factory

Uncover the secrets behind breakthrough technologies and the processes that bring them to life. This session dives into both the marvels of innovation and the methodologies that turn ideas into reality. Join us for a journey through the engine of creativity and technological advancement.

Algorithms of Influence

Explore the profound impact of AI algorithms on social influence and knowledge transfer across education, business, and politics. This session examines how these algorithms shape our perceptions, thoughts, and decisions that impact everything from the products we purchase to how we cast our votes.

Generative AI and Beyond

Delve into today’s most critical elements of AI development, control, and deployment. As predictive and generative AI weave themselves further into the fabric of our lives, we examine exciting advancements, cautions concerns, and near-future possibilities brought on by the pervasive presence of AI.

Tuesday, October 1

The Front Lines of Change

Insights from the leaders on the frontiers of research and innovation

Before the Breakthroughs*

Embark on a journey into the realms of AI, climate, computing, and biotechnology research within MIT classrooms. This session offers a glimpse into the cutting-edge research and innovations poised to shape our future. Join us to explore the seeds of tomorrow's breakthroughs, planted today in the halls of MIT.
*This on-site, in-class experience is available only to in-person attendees

The New Compute

Moore's Law may be slowing, but innovation is surging. This session dives into cutting-edge computing architectures that are pushing performance boundaries and opening doors to exciting new applications and new ways of interacting with technology.

Technologies of the Green Economy

New green policies and shifting consumer demands are forcing businesses to find more sustainable ways of delivering products and services. The new green economy will be built on renewable energy innovations and climate tech infrastructure solutions that solve for both sustainability and economic growth.

The Front Lines of Change

Gain insights from real-life case studies of those at the forefront of technology-driven change. This session shares firsthand experiences from individuals and organizations navigating the rapid pace of innovation in real-time. Learn how they adapt, overcome challenges, and harness new technologies to drive progress.

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