Agenda overview

Below is an overview of the topics. The full agenda will be posted soon. Subject to change as details are confirmed.

wednesday, May 22

Harnessing the Power of AI

9:00 a.m. - 5:15 p.m.

Harness the transformative power of AI to revolutionize business landscapes, drive unprecedented innovation, and optimize operational efficiency. While AI offers unparalleled opportunities, prudent implementation is essential. Navigating ethical dilemmas, mitigating biases, and prioritizing responsible AI practices will be necessary prerequisites to unlock AI’s full potential.

Harnessing the Power of AI

The advent of generative AI has put before us an almost infinite number of new use cases for AI. The question we need to ask before we take one single step is not “What could we do?” but “What should we do?”

Controlling AI

As AI continues to weave itself inextricably into the social and economic fabric of our world, many opinions have been voiced on how to ensure equitable and responsible use of its decision-making capabilities. Fostering transparent, open processes; safeguarding with regulatory frameworks; and ensuring legal accountability are among the controls we will discuss.

The Digital Politician

Over the last twenty years, technology has played an increasingly prominent role in elections. From amplifying candidates' voices to the ethical challenges of misinformation, AI and digital strategies are reshaping the modern politician and the very future of democracy.

Innovating with Generative AI

We stand at the dawn of generative AI innovation, only beginning to grasp its transformative potential. As this nascent technology matures, its creative and adaptive capacities will redefine industries, enhance human-machine symbiosis, and unlock uncharted realms of possibility. We introduce some of the pioneers breaking new ground with AI.

Thursday, May 23

Accelerating AI Innovation

9:00 a.m. - 5:15 p.m.

In the ever-evolving landscape of technology and AI, each advancement fortifies the foundation for future innovation. As breakthroughs continue to unfold, they not only bring new capabilities but also propel us toward faster, more impactful innovations. Brace yourself for the imminent era of accelerated AI innovation.

Beyond Generative AI

Generative AI’s predictive capabilities are derived from the power of large language models. We peer into the labs of the large model makers in a search for the exponential innovations that lie beyond generative AI.

From the Labs of MIT

From cutting-edge technology to pioneering scientific breakthroughs, this session provides a sneak peek into the forefront of innovation emerging from the renowned laboratories of MIT. Explore the possibilities currently hosted in the imaginations of MIT’s leading researchers.

AI and the Next-Generation Workforce

AI is on a path to seamlessly integrate into the workplace, leveraging its capabilities for enhanced efficiency, data-driven decision-making, and innovative problem-solving. The next-generation workforce will harness AI tools to redefine roles, foster collaboration, and drive forward-thinking strategies.

Competing in the Age of AI

The algorithm is the new competitive differentiator. We explore how successful businesses have enhanced customer experiences, refined marketing campaigns, and streamlined logistics for competitive advantage and market success.

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