Agenda overview

Below is an overview of the topics. The full agenda will be posted soon. Subject to change as details are confirmed.

tuesday, 16 April

Harnessing the Power of AI for Business & Society

AI is fundamentally changing the way the world works and lives. Some impacts are understood, others are unclear. We explore the latest AI innovations and address rising concerns in Europe and abroad on responsible AI usage as we seek to answer the bottom-line question on everyone’s mind: What Now? Can we use this, can we trust this, and can we afford not to?

The Signal in the Noise

Generative AI’s ability to generate text, images, and video has created an exponential number of new uses cases that are flooding both news cycles and boardroom agendas. While adapting to life with AI is unavoidable, there are concerns about the looming AI bubble and responsible creation and implementation that need to be addressed. The question is not “What could we do?” but “What should we do?” with AI.

The Business of AI

From new tools to new threats, AI is forever altering the business landscape, challenging norms, and resetting expectations. Learn what is on the horizon and how to best prepare to harness the most powerful technological shift in a generation.

Controlling AI: Safety and Responsibility

New rules and regulations for AI are on the table and Europe is leading the way in charting a responsible path forward. Through the morass of ethical challenges, misinformation, and digital strategies, we dive into the political, legal, and technical actions being taken to control AI as we strive to balance innovation with responsible and ethical use of this generational technology.

Innovating with Generative AI

Fundamentally, AI is a tool. And like any tool, be it a hammer or pen, what matters is how people use it. We highlight fascinating examples of AI at work to inspire you to imagine the new and innovative AI use cases to come.

wednesday, 17 April

Accelerating AI Innovation in Europe

In the ever-evolving landscape of technology and AI, each advancement fortifies the foundation for future innovation. As breakthroughs continue to unfold, they not only bring new capabilities but also propel us toward faster, more impactful innovations. Brace yourself for the imminent era of accelerated AI innovation.

Beyond Generative AI

AI's evolution is far from linear. As we grapple with harnessing generative AI's potential, innovators are already shaping the next AI era. We peer into the labs of the large model makers in a search for the exponential innovations that lie beyond generative AI. 

AI From The Labs of Academia

From cutting-edge technology to pioneering scientific breakthroughs, get a sneak peek into some of the cutting-edge AI innovations from Europe's premier research institutions. Explore the new advances in AI from academia’s leading researchers.

The Future of AI Enabled Work

Humanity’s expectations, needs, and desires are transforming the workplace, shaped by the dazzling and sometimes terrifying array of technology being developed. From climate change to reduced birthrates and a world in turmoil, what does the future look like if the technologies we are only imagining today do make their way into apps and onto shelves?

Unlocking Artificial Intelligence

Some say we are in the early stages of artificial general intelligence while others believe it is an unattainable goal. Given what we know about AI today, we explore some of the essential guardrails being implemented as well as the biggest roadblocks along the path to unlocking AGI and the implications of what an AGI future might mean for humanity.

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