Below is an overview of the topics. The full agenda will be posted soon. Subject to change as details are confirmed.

Tuesday, March 29

Focus On the Data

Better Data, Better AI

Data is the fuel that powers AI. Good data can mean the difference between an impactful solution or one that never gets off the ground. Re-assess the foundational questions to ensure your AI data is working for, not against, you.

Innovation to Reality

The challenges of implementing AI are many. Avoid the common pitfalls with real-world case studies from leaders who have successfully turned their AI solutions into reality.

Harness What's Possible at the Edge

With its potential for near instantaneous decision making, pioneers are moving AI to the edge. We examine the pros and cons of moving AI decisions to the edge, with the experts getting it right.

Generative AI Solutions

The use of generative AI to boost human creativity is breaking boundaries in creative areas previously untouched by AI. We explore the intersection of data and algorithms enabling collaborative AI processes to design and create.

Wednesday, March 30

Evolving the Algorithms

What's Next for Deep Learning

Every major research group is working on deep learning algorithms, the algorithms that have powered major AI advancements to date. Discover what the top innovation labs are doing and what the commercial applications could be doing.

AI in Day-To-Day Business

Many organizations are already using AI internally in their day-to-day operations, in areas like cybersecurity, customer service, finance, and manufacturing. We examine the tools that organizations are using when putting AI to work.

Making AI Work for All

As AI underpins our lives and business, AI must work for everyone – not just those represented in datasets, and not just 95% of the time. Examine the challenges and actions needed to ensure AI works fairly, for all, each and every time.

Envisioning the Next AI

Some business problems can’t be solved with current deep learning methods. Look under the hood at what’s around the corner, from the new approaches to the most revolutionary ideas propelling us toward the next stage in AI evolution.

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