Important update: EmTech Digital is proceeding as a virtual conference


Our new digital-first program promises to deliver both the insight and the access you were expecting from our live event.  We’ll be featuring the same speakers, covering the same topics, all curated by MIT Technology Review, all aimed to give you practical guidance and expert insight on the technical, ethical, and strategic AI deployment issues facing organizations in 2020. In digital form, through Q&A and chatrooms, you’ll be able to have your say and get answers to your questions from our experts. We’re going to run an accelerated schedule, keeping the individual presentations shorter so that our online attendees can have more time to ask questions and interact with the content. 

Through a business results lens, we examine AI topics such as research, algorithms, convergence, workforce, and strategy as we address the necessary steps toward building reliable AI systems.

Our 2020 agenda theme is TRUST. Machines we can trust, data we can trust, decisions we can trust. Throughout our program, we examine various perspectives on trust such as deepfakes, bias, explainability, and privacy all within the context of the latest AI technology advances and proven, successful business strategies.

*Sessions below are on Pacific Daylight Time.