Speaker Brief

Thank you for participating in Outpacing cybersecurity adversaries, hosted by MIT Technology Review in partnership with Darktrace. This brief has been designed to help you prepare for your speaking role and to set expectations by addressing the most commonly asked questions.

If you have additional questions not addressed, please contact us at speaker@technologyreview.com.

General event information

Prep calls & communications

  • Registration: If you’ve not already done so, please complete the speaker registration form. This form is to collect your information, support personnel contacts, consent to be recorded, and more. (Action Item)
  • Meetings: You can expect three calendar invitations:
    • A programming call to discuss the overall event and the content of your session
    • A tech check with our production team to ensure connectivity within our virtual studio
    • The event on May 18 for the duration of your commitment
    • These invitations will be sent to you and any supporting team members you identify.

Presentation requirements & tips

  • Presentation deadline: Any materials you plan to present must be submitted by Friday, May 13. Presentations are run from the
  • production studio; you may not share your screen to present materials. (Action Item)
  • Slide format: 16:9 aspect ratio
  • Fonts: Fonts are the most common problem with presentations. Please use standard fonts.
  • Embedded media: Please alert us if you plan to include video or audio in your presentation.
  • File delivery: Upload your presentation and any associated media files here. (Action Item)

Virtual tech specs & setup

  • Internet connection: Please ensure that you have a strong internet connection. A hardwired connection to your modem is best, but WIFI can be boosted by sitting in the same room, close to your modem. Should our production team deem your internet too unstable for the live event, you may be asked to connect by phone and give an audio-only presentation.
  • Flattering camera angles: Set your camera at eye-level and look directly into it when speaking. Light your face from the front to avoid shadows, and position yourself in the center of the video frame.
  • Virtual studio access: The virtual studio is accessed via your browser. Your personal link for entering the virtual studio will be provided with your tech check appointment.

On-camera tips

  • Timing: Constrain your presentation to the allotted time to keep the event on schedule. Going long may cut into you Q&A time. We strictly adhere to our schedule and will be unable to extend the time.
  • Live Q&A segments: Q&A segments are hosted by our event moderator, who will have prepared questions and will manage questions from the audience.
  • Dress code: The best clothing choices for the camera are solid colors that contrast nicely with your background. If possible, it is recommended that your background be as simple as possible to avoid distraction. Please avoid wearing white, prints, and patterns - none of which are optimal for video. Business/business casual is recommended.

Marketing & promotion

  • Attendance: MIT Technology Review draws a business audience from a wide range of industries including high tech, finance, education, government, consulting, and manufacturing. Approx. 60% of our audience identify as senior-level executives and/or key decision makers; the balance comes from academia, research, and management. In addition to a live audience, the event will also be available on-demand.
  • Guest passes: We welcome your guests at this event. Please invite them to register here.
  • Promotional materials: MIT Technology Review will post about the event on social media and may tag you when appropriate. You are encouraged to like and share to promote the event to your social networks. *The event homepage will feature your biography and headshot; your personal contact information will not be shared.