Future of Families: How reproductive technology can reverse population decline


Tuesday, November 28
11:00am ET/8:00am PT

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Tuesday, November 28

11:00 a.m.
Future of Families: How reproductive technology can reverse population decline

Birth rates have been plummeting in wealthy countries, well below the “replacement” rate. Even in China, a dramatic downturn in the number of babies has officials scrambling, as its population growth turns negative. What’s behind the baby bust and can new reproductive technology reverse the trend? Startup companies are working on ways to reduce the cost of IVF, allow same-sex couples to reproduce, and extend parenthood far later into life. Join Antonio Regalado, MIT Technology Review’s biotechnology editor and entrepreneur Martín Varsavsky, founder of Prelude Fertility, the largest chain of fertility clinics in the US for a discussion about how innovations from the lab could affect the future of families.

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