Agenda overview

Below is an overview of the topics at this year's EmTech MIT event. Please see the detailed agenda for complete information.

Tuesday, November 14

Three Forces of Change

AI, biotech, and climate change are reshaping our world. AI is accelerating everything, empowering individuals with creative capabilities once thought impossible to automate. Biotech is enhancing and extending lives, altering both our DNA and our demographics. And climate change is forcing us to examine the environmental impact of every business decision.

Three Forces of Change

Explore the intersection of AI, biotech, and climate innovations re-defining the rules of business. Discover actionable insights, develop new business strategies, and focus on a future where disruption and sustainability intertwine.


We look at some of the most promising clean technologies driving the transition to a green economy as well as cross-industry energy use cases that will power our changing world.


The intersection of biology and technology has generated a new flood of medical treatments and procedures that may enable us to live longer and healthier lives. Genetic therapies, programmable medicine, and new medical devices offer a glimpse into the digital age of health care.

Artificial Intelligence

New advances in general and generative AI are changing the way business is done. Given the exponential pace of AI development, how can we capitalize on this new technology and ensure responsible innovation for the benefit of all?

Wednesday, November 15

The Impact of Change

The multitudes of technologies driving the forces of change are impacting our businesses, our society, and our economy. Separating the inconsequential from the impactful is necessary to thrive in our ever-changing world.

Change at the Speed of Technology

Discover the strategies for navigating business through rapid technological shifts. Gain insights on adapting, innovating, and thriving in a world where the speed of change mirrors the speed of technology.

Calculating the Economic Impact

Individual emerging technologies change the way business is done. The collective impact of these transformations ultimately alters our entire economy. We explore the long-term trends that are forever changing the global landscape.

Transforming Business

When technology innovations cross the chasm to mainstream adoption, they forever alter the way we do business. Some impacts are foreseen, others are unintended, but all will change the way work is done.

Forging Tomorrow's Innovations

Embark on a journey into the uncharted territories of technology research and development. Explore the cutting-edge research to be featured in future headlines. We put the science and process of innovation under the microscope, examining breakthrough technologies and the strategies used to forge tomorrow’s innovations.

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