Full Name
Raia Hadsell
Job Title
Senior Director, Research and Robotics
Brief Biography
Raia Hadsell is a Senior Director of Research and Robotics at DeepMind. Raia joined DeepMind in 2014 to pursue new solutions for artificial general intelligence. Her research focuses on the challenge of continual learning for AI agents and robots, and she has proposed neural approaches such as policy distillation, progressive nets, and elastic weight consolidation to solve the problem of catastrophic forgetting. Raia is a change leader in the broader AI community, where most recently she is a founder and Editor-in-Chief of a new open journal, TMLR. She sits on the executive board of CoRL, is a fellow of the European Lab on Learning Systems (ELLIS), a founding organizer of NAISys (Neuroscience for AI Systems), and serves as a CIFAR advisor.
Raia Hadsell