Full Name
Lee Glazier
Job Title
Head of Digital Integrity
Brief Biography
Lee Glazier has translated the “what” of artificial intelligence ethics philosophy and principles, into the “how” of a single page practical day-to-day process for Rolls-Royce. He has also recently developed QA4AI, a governance system for Rolls-Royce that is proposed to assure fully-automated AI applications, including in potentially safety-critical contexts. He is also a member of the EU AI Experts Group.

Lee created the Civil Aerospace Digital Governance System helping digital project teams navigate an agile and compliant route through Regulations, Policies, Safety, and Ethics. He created the Rolls-Royce framework for Governing AI Ethics and Trustworthiness - collaborating with HR, Ethics, Data Scientists, Manufacturing, and the Trades Unions/European Workers Council. This is released publicly, trade marked as the Aletheia Framework™ which also includes a tool for identifying, assessing, and mitigating AI Bias. He developed this further to a complete assurance process for Safety Critical AI. He is also currently supporting a team to create a compliant environment to enable safe, widespread use of LLMs, Open-source AI, and Generative AI. Lee has experienced the challenge of being in the middle of transforming businesses into the cloud - with all the necessary protection to ensure compliance with regulations (e.g. export control, GDPR, etc), and balancing innovation and ethics integrity.

Lee sits in the Rolls-Royce Civil Aerospace Digital team and frequently presents to, and meets with, government officials and regulators regarding the development of Digital and AI governance. He is also experienced in the pragmatic application of Systems Engineering/Systems Thinking techniques which are at the heart of the approach to governance frameworks for AI Ethics and Safety Critical AI.
Lee Glazier