Full Name
Bonnie Kruft
Job Title
Deputy Director
Microsoft Research AI4Science
Brief Biography
Bonnie Kruft currently serves as Partner and Deputy Director at Microsoft Research AI4Science, located in Cambridge, UK. She leads a team of experts in machine learning, engineering, and the natural sciences. Their pioneering work involves integrating machine learning with scientific research to address some of the world's most pressing issues, such as combating climate change, advancing renewable energy solutions, discovering sustainable materials, and the discovery of new medicines.

Before her current role at Microsoft, Bonnie built a solid foundation in the pharmaceutical research and development sector, accruing substantial expertise in building, growing, and leading international teams focused on data and machine learning. Her professional journey includes significant contributions at AstraZeneca and GSK, where her teams developed and deployed AI-driven solutions in biopharmaceutical and oncology research.

Bonnie's academic background is in Quantum Chemistry, where she earned a PhD. Her research involved applying density functional theory to analyse metal-ligand interactions in siderophore-transition metal complexes and to explore the characteristics of a specific enzyme linked to the virulence of tuberculosis.
Bonnie Kruft