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Sheldon Fernandez
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Sheldon Fernandez is a respected thought leader and CEO of DarwinAI, a Canadian startup that facilitates edge and explainable AI being leveraged in numerous industries, including autonomous vehicles, consumer electronics, and aerospace. He has spoken at numerous conferences in numerous contexts and has written technical books and articles on many topics, including artificial intelligence and computational creativity. Throughout his career, Sheldon has coupled his entrepreneurial endeavors with non-technical pursuits, resulting in an interdisciplinary approach that is critical to the intelligent application of AI. He obtained a Master’s degree in theology from the University of Toronto with thesis work in neuroscience and metaethics and also pursued creative writing at Oxford University.

Darwin’s unique technology is the byproduct of years of scholarship from their academic team at the University of Waterloo. The company was recently included on insideBigData’s list of top 50 impactful companies for 2019 and was recently named a ‘cool vendor’ by Gartner for Enterprise AI and governance.
Sheldon Fernandez