Full Name
Hao Tian
Job Title
Chief Architect of Baidu NLP
Brief Biography
Hao Tian is the Chief Architect of Baidu Research. He received his Master’s Degree in speech and language processing at Peking University and joined Baidu in 2007. He has made tremendous contributions to the research and application of natural language processing, machine learning, intelligent interaction, and recommendation system in Baidu. Hao Tian is one of the originators that established a super-large-scale feed recommendation system and supported Baidu newsfeed as one of the most extensive information recommendation products in China. He built a popular machine learning algorithm platform, which strongly supported Baidu search ranking system. He led the development of a natural language dialogue system (XiaoDu Robot), which fostered the productization of the incubation and the early development of Duer Dialogue System. Currently, his research interest focuses on general models for natural language understanding, reinforcement learning, and some innovative projects such as news video generation.
Hao Tian