Speaker FAQ

Welcome to MIT Technology Review's CyberSecure. We are delighted that you will be joining us for this 2-day virtual conference.

This page has been designed as a resource to help you prepare for your speaking role, and to set expectations by addressing the most commonly asked questions. If you have additional questions that are not addressed here, please contact us at speaker@technologyreview.com


  • Register: All speakers must complete the Speaker Registration Form, which is requested within one week of receiving this brief but no later than September 24, 2021. This form is to collect your information, support personnel contacts, consent to be recorded, and more. With your permission, your assistant may complete this form on your behalf. (Action Item)

  • Speaker Prep Call: We will be contacting you to schedule a prep call to discuss the content and flow of your session.

  • Speaker Tech Training: We will be contacting you to schedule a tech training where we will familiarize you with our digital studio and ensure your audio, video, lighting, and set are properly configured for broadcast. This check will take 15 – 25 minutes.

  • Speaker Check-in: You will receive a calendar invitation for your session broadcast which will include ‘backstage green room’ time for a live-day tech check and discussion about your session.

  • Presentations Due: October 29, 2021 (Action Item)


  • Guest Passes: We are happy to provide up to 3 complimentary tickets for your guests. Please invite your guests to register here.


  • File Format: PowerPoint is our preferred format. We can also accommodate Keynote, PDF, and Google Slides. Please inquire if you have another preferred format.

  • Slide Layout: 16:9 aspect ratio

  • Fonts: If your presentation uses a proprietary font, please share the font file so it displays as you intend.

  • Embedded Media: Please alert us in advance if you plan to include video or audio in your presentation so our tech team can confirm functionality.

  • File Upload: Upload presentation and any associated media and font files to the CyberSecure Production Site. (Action Item)

  • Tone and Style: Our audience trusts MIT Technology Review to curate an agenda of subject matter experts, and your participation in this program is a promise that we view you as such. We recommended that you be prescriptive and offer pragmatic guidance. Please do not use this forum to promote your services directly, as our audience may discount your session as a sales pitch.


  • Internet Connection: Please ensure that you have a strong internet connection. A hardwired connection to your modem is best, but WIFI can be boosted by sitting close to your modem. If our production team deems your internet too unstable for the live event, you may be asked to connect by phone and participate by audio-only.

  • Flattering Camera Angles: Set your camera at eye-level and look directly into it when speaking. Light your face from the front to avoid shadows, and position yourself in the center of the video frame.

  • VPN Connections: Please disable VPNs and connect directly to our production studio to avoid lag.


  • Timing: Constrain your presentation to the allotted time to keep the agenda on schedule. Going long may cut into your Q&A time or reduce another speaker’s time.

  • Live Q&A Segments: Q&A segments are hosted by our editors who will have prepared questions and will moderate questions from the audience.

  • Dress Code: The best clothing choices for the camera are solid colors that contrast with your background. Please avoid wearing solid white, prints, and patterns; none of which are optimal for video. Business/business casual is recommended.


  • Attendance: We expect 300-500 attendees from industries including technology, finance, education, consumer services, and government. About 60% of our audience are senior-level executives and key decision-makers; the balance comes from academia, research, and management.

  • Promotion Materials: We post your biography and headshot on our website. Your personal contact information will not be shared.

  • Share Your News at CyberSecure: Let us know if you have any news or announcements, and we can help amplify your message.

  • Connect with Press: In addition to MIT Technology Review journalists, our events draw media attention from top tier outlets. A week before the event, we will share the list of registered press with you. If you have questions, please email press@technologyreview.com.

  • Social Hashtags: #TechnologyReview  #TechReviewEvents  #CyberSecure

  • Promote Your Appearance: The easiest way to promote your appearance is to share an existing MIT Technology Review social post along with a personalized message about your session.

  • MIT Technology Review Official Logos: If you’d like to use the CyberSecure Logo in your organization’s newsletter or other communication vehicles, you’re welcome to use these images.

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