Below is an overview of the topics. The full agenda will be posted soon, subject to change as details are confirmed.

Tuesday, november 16

Day 1

The ransomware economy

Increased ROI and limited accountability have made cybercrime explode. Explore the tools and technologies needed to dismantle the ransomware ecosystem.

Follow the money

From cyber liability insurance to blockchain forensics, understand which options are effective for preventing, reducing, and recovering financial losses.

Attribution and breach reporting

Identifying who is responsible for an attack matters. Unpack how shared breach reporting can strike a balance between business liability and the public good.

wednesday, november 17

Day 2

The technology of cybersecurity

Technologies like artificial intelligence can identify patterns or irregularities to highlight vulnerabilities. Discover the latest tools to incorporate into your cyber-resiliency toolkit.

The global threat landscape

With the global aspects of cybercrime, the current international situation is not sustainable. Criminal accountability requires cooperation across country lines.

The business of cybersecurity

Cyberattacks are becoming a “when, not if” reality. Get strategies for fixing security vulnerabilities and taking the critical first steps after a breach happens.

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