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Protecting your organization from the new wave of cyber-attacks requires novel solutions: it’s time for AI to take on AI.

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Complimentary online event  |  12:00 - 2:30 pm EDT  |  March 22, 2021

Organizations must enable an autonomous cyber strategy to protect their employees, secure critical data, and avoid operational disruption. With the frequency and ferocity of cyber-attacks moving beyond size and scale that humans can address, every business is left vulnerable.

This program introduces advanced technologies that enable a defensive AI strategy designed to augment human security teams who are increasingly overwhelmed or outpaced by offensive AI attacks, ransomware, email phishing campaigns, and stealthy data exfiltration.

Hosted by MIT Technology Review and presented by Darktrace, Enabling Autonomous Cybersecurity takes you inside the minds of researchers, development teams, and those on the frontline of cyber defense, exploring how Cyber AI protects digital infrastructures and dynamic workforces, keeping pace with the evolving threat landscape.

Featured speakers

Global CISO
CEO and Publisher
MIT Technology Review
Director of Threat Hunting
Founder & Principal Research Scientist, AnyScale Learning For All
MIT Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Lab


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The mission of MIT Technology Review is to make technology a greater force for good by bringing about better-informed, more conscious technology decisions through authoritative, influential, and trustworthy journalism. As the leader of global discourse on important emerging technologies, MIT Technology Review goes beyond technical explanations, helping our audience explore innovative ways technology can improve lives everywhere. MIT Technology Review’s reputation derives from their 120-year legacy reporting on technology and unique relationship with the world’s leading university for research and innovation, MIT.

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Darktrace is the world’s leading cyber AI company and the creator of Autonomous Response technology. It provides comprehensive, enterprise-wide cyber defense to over 4,500 organizations worldwide, protecting the cloud, email, IoT, traditional networks, endpoints and industrial systems. A self-learning technology, Darktrace AI autonomously detects, investigates and responds to advanced cyber-threats, including insider threat, remote working risks, ransomware, data loss and supply chain vulnerabilities. The company has 1,500 employees and 44 office locations. Every 3 seconds, Darktrace AI fights back against a cyber-threat, preventing it from causing damage.

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