Full Name
Rathna Koka
Job Title
Executive Director and Intellectual Property (IP) Strategist
JPMorgan Chase
Brief Biography
Rathna is responsible for setting the firm’s global IP and patent prosecution strategy and managing its global patent portfolio.  Her leadership, wealth of knowledge, and experience are utilized to protect JPMorgan Chase’s investments in technology, secure the company’s freedom to operate, and obtain the highest value from its global IP assets.

Prior to joining JPMorgan Chase, Rathna gained extensive experience as a post-doctoral researcher, corporate scientist, patent holding inventor, and a private practicing patent attorney. In addition to her daily intellectual property strategy duties, Rathna also helps to assure the future of JPMorgan Chase’s robust patent portfolios through invention mining, inventor engagement, competitive technical intelligence insights, and intellectual property education sessions.

Rathna is active in external IP organizations and mentors IP professionals in the Chicago area.
Rathna Koka