Full Name
Shannon Nangle
Job Title
Founder and CEO
Brief Biography
Shannon Nangle is cofounder and CEO of Circe and has been building out this technology for the past six years. Circe spun out of Shannon’s postdoc research while in Pam Silver’s lab at Harvard, where she focused on engineering microbes, electrochemistry rigs, and custom fermentation systems. She was drawn to Pam Silver’s lab for the track record of using microbes for industrial and environmental applications. Prior to joining the lab, she received her Ph.D. from the University of Washington in Ning Zheng’s lab where she studied crystallography and structural biology of protein complexes. When she is not looking at protein structures and planning fermentation scale-up, Shannon indulges in surrealist cinema, absurdist literature, and upon Voltaire's suggestion, tending to her own garden.
Shannon Nangle