Past episodes

Spotlight on: CRISPR

Aired live September 16, 2020

CRISPR’s ability to genetically modify DNA offers amazing possibilities to treat disease but comes with the incredible responsibility of altering human life. The science series NOVA, produced by GBH/Boston, explores the science, history, and ethics of this revolutionary gene-editing technology in their feature documentary Human Nature, directed by Adam Bolt and featuring the ground-breaking work of Jennifer Doudna.

Jennifer Doudna was the first biologist to propose the genetic programming ability of CRISPR. We’ll ask Jennifer about the current state of CRISPR, its short and long-term possibilities and the incredible responsibilities of altering human DNA. We’ll also meet Adam Bolt, director of Human Nature, and discuss how he brought this ethically and technically complex story to life.

Hosted by Antonio Regalado, MIT Technology Review senior editor of biomedicine

Spotlight on: Gaming

Aired live September 1, 2020

Spotlight On: Gaming explores lessons learned in this pandemic-fueled period and how they can be applied to the non-gaming world. We’ll explore gaming’s community building as well as the applications of gaming technology outside of the gaming world, in areas as widespread as microbiology and fashion.

Julie Shumaker, vice president of revenue at Unity Technologies, will share her views on gaming’s recent growth and the possibilities for community interaction. Brian Anthony, associate director of the MIT.nano lab, will discuss using gaming technology to visualize the immense amounts of data generated by nano materials research.

Hosted by Will Douglas Heaven, MIT Technology Review senior editor