Full Name
Katherine Wu
Job Title
Venture Partner, Archetype; Research Fellow
Crypto Council for Innovation
Brief Biography
Katherine Wu is a Venture Partner at Archetype, an early-stage, crypto-focused venture capital firm. Most recently, Katherine was the Senior Lead on the Coinbase Ventures team, where she led investments on behalf of Coinbase and scaled the investment team. During her tenure at Coinbase, Katherine oversaw a record-breaking year in deal-making, putting Coinbase Ventures among the most active corporate venture funds in operation.

Katherine is one of three Lead Stewards of the ENS DAO, where she oversees the working group responsible for providing governance oversight and supporting the management and operation of working groups through DAO tooling and governance initiatives as well as treasury management for the DAO.

Katherine is also the inaugural Research Fellow at the Crypto Council for Innovation, a global alliance of crypto industry leaders that works to demonstrate the transformational promise of crypto and communicate its benefits to policymakers, regulators, and people around the globe.

Over the years, Katherine has advised and worked with several top-tier crypto protocols and companies on issues spanning from investment strategies to go-to-market and other operational processes.
Katherine Wu