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Jason Walker
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Brief Biography
Jason Walker took an atypical path to becoming CTO of BigPanda. He began as a US Marine Corps officer, serving as a helicopter pilot, forward air controller, and as Director of the School of Mountain Warfare. He served 3 combat tours in Afghanistan and Iraq over an 11 year career. After the Marines, he earned an MBA at London Business School, and started civilian work in Versailles, France for Blizzard Entertainment. Blizzard moved him back to the US, where he learned more about what it takes to run global online services at scale. He became the Global Director of IT Operations, where he transformed a legacy NOC into a high performance AIOps-driven team. After 11 years at Blizzard, his expertise in AIOps led to him joining BigPanda, where he's been able to help many large enterprises adopt AIOps. Jason is an undistinguished distance runner, climber, skier, and occasional volunteer.
Jason Walker