Full Name
Idan Gazit
Job Title
Senior Director of Research
GitHub Next
Brief Biography
Idan Gazit is an early member of GitHub Next, helping to bootstrap the group from its beginnings as the Office of the CTO. He leads the Developer Experience research team, which imagines how software development should be, and how our tools influence how we think and feel.

As a hybrid designer and developer, his interests span a variety of fields. Idan is keenly interested in data display issues, typography, and color. You're likely to hear him talk about the pit of success, and the importance of good nouns. Idan was previously a principal engineer at Heroku, and is an alumnus of the Django core development team. He is a firm believer in the power of web technologies, and is most at home in them, though many evenings you can find him soldering a new keyboard or muttering foul language while trying to get Rust to run on a microcontroller.
Idan Gazit