Full Name
Pritha Mehra
Job Title
Chief Information Officer and Executive Vice President
Brief Biography
Pritha Mehra was named chief information officer (CIO) and executive vice president in November 2020 after acting in the role since August. She oversees one of the world’s largest technology infrastructures with 5 national deployment and solution centers, 37,000 network locations, 20,000 servers, and more than 950 applications on more than 215,000 devices – processing more than 90 petabytes of data per year.

Mehra drives secure innovative capabilities and digital transformations to support the organization’s mission to be the nation’s preferred delivery service. Her key strategies are to modernize platforms, prioritize security, and harness technology innovations to enable insightful business solutions.

Mehra previously served as vice president of Information Technology, where she pivoted the 1,800-person IT group to operate at scale through a cloud-smart migration, to transition to an agile framework, and to secure the development pipeline for more than 900 applications. As vice president Mail Entry and Payment Technology, she led innovations for business customers that captured more than $40 billion in annual revenue and over $200 million in annual revenue shortage and savings.

Mehra is the recipient of several awards, including recognition for superior achievement and the Postmaster General Award. She holds a Bachelor of Science degree in computer science from the University of Maryland and a Master of Business Administration degree from Georgetown University. Mehra completed the Senior Executive Assessment and Development Center Program. She is a Lean Six Sigma Executive Green Belt.
Pritha Mehra