Full Name
Stephanie LeBlanc-Godfrey
Job Title
Global Head of Inclusion for Women of Color
Brief Biography
Stephanie LeBlanc-Godfrey is the Global Head of Community Inclusion Programs for Women of Color at Google.

She was born in Brooklyn, NY, attended Stevens Institute of Technology, and completed her bachelor of engineering degree in Electrical Engineering before starting her career in the finance industry. She then pivoted her career to digital media, where she spent over 10 years in Advertising Operations at major media conglomerates such as Forbes Media, FOX News Digital, and NBC News Digital.

Currently, her work at Google is in service of women of color and parents/caregivers to create a community where it doesn't naturally exist and to influence the policies, programs, and processes that impact their sense of belonging and inclusion at Google.
Stephanie LeBlanc-Godfrey