Full Name
Elizabeth Bieniek
Job Title
Cofounder, Webex Hologram; Internal Startup Founder
Brief Biography
Elizabeth Bieniek pioneers internal startups for Cisco's multibillion-dollar Collaboration & Security business. Her expertise lies in building empowered teams that effectively navigate internal corporate workings to operate like a startup and deliver bleeding edge products and solutions inside of a parent company. Her most recent venture was Co-Founder of Webex Hologram, the industry’s first holographic collaboration system enabling a feeling of co-presence by delivering photorealistic holograms in real-time. Elizabeth focuses on the interface of people and emerging technology and how to make the lives of the former happier by efficiently and invisibly applying the latter. A problem-solver at heart, Elizabeth believes “impossible” just means no one has done it yet. She relies on her previous experience in industries as varied as technology, art, marketing, and education, as well as life and travel experience, to bring a unique flair to challenging conventional thinking and inspiring teams to achieve unprecedented results.
Elizabeth Bieniek