Full Name
Nic Lee
Job Title
Research Assistant
MIT Media Lab
Brief Biography
Nic Lee is a computational designer at the MIT Media Lab's Mediated Matter Group. His doctoral research centers on the framework of Endless Ecosystems in which all of the matter used for construction systems is produced, and ultimately consumed, by ecosystems. Through his work, he aims to bridge the gap between grown and built environments, bringing the power and sustainability of the natural world to human systems. His research combines design, digital fabrication, material development, and energy evaluation in order to create end-to-end pipelines for sustainable construction.

Nic graduated from the University of Virginia with a Bachelor of Science degree in biomedical engineering and a Bachelor of Arts degree in neuroscience and received a Masters Degree in Design Studies from the Harvard Graduate School of Design where his thesis centered on using artificial intelligence to model organic growth in designed environments. He received his Masters in Media Arts and Sciences in 2020.
Nic Lee