Full Name
Leah Ellis
Job Title
CEO and Cofounder
Sublime Systems
Brief Biography
Leah Ellis is co-founder and CEO at Sublime Systems, a company developing new technology to make CO2-neutral cement. Sublime’s core technology was co-invented by Leah during her time as Banting/NSERC postdoctoral fellow, working with Prof. Yet-Ming Chiang, at MIT’s Department of Materials Science and Engineering. Prior to working on cement at MIT, Leah was an electrochemist, specializing in lithium-ion batteries. She earned her Ph.D. under Professor Jeff Dahn at Dalhousie University in Halifax, Canada, where she worked in partnerships with 3M and Tesla on improving lithium-ion cell lifetime by optimizing electrolyte chemistry. During this time, she founded the Dalhousie University Green Chemistry Initiative and the Jeff Dahn Bursary in Physics. She was awarded Dalhousie University’s Presidents Award, the National Sciences and Engineering (NSERC) postgraduate scholarship, and the Electrochemical Society’s Canada Section student award.

As featured in the 2021 Innovators Under 35
Leah Ellis