Full Name
Andrew Spielberg
Job Title
Graduate Student
MIT Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory
Brief Biography
Andrew Spielberg is a soon-to-graduate PhD student at MIT's Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory co-advised by Wojciech Matusik and Daniela Rus, developing tools to automate rigid and soft robot design. Prior to joining MIT, he received his MEng in Computer Science and his BS in Computer Science and Engineering Physics at Cornell University, and then spent two years working as a research engineer in the Asymmetric Operations Department at the Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Lab (JHU/APL).

Andrew works in the intersection of fabrication and robotics. He is creating tools to enable users to quickly design, program, and easily fabricate their own personal robots using data-driven tools. He has worked on projects in developing fast, differentiable simulators, powerful optimization and learning algorithms for automated robot design, and novel digital fabrication techniques. Andrew is strongly interested in democratizing fabrication, both in form and function, and computational creativity. His work falls in the intersection of computer graphics, machine learning, and robotics.
Andrew Spielberg