Full Name
Zlatko Minev
Job Title
Quantum Scientist
IBM Quantum
Brief Biography
Zlatko Minev is a scientist with an applied experimental and theoretical background, focused on quantum computing and fundamental physics. He holds a permanent research position at IBM Quantum, at TJ Watson. His work is focused on the fundamental nature of quantum predictability and randomness, scalable hardware architectures for quantum computers, electromagnetic, Hamiltonian design of superconducting quantum circuits, and more. He also leads a quantum computing design and software team.

Minev received a PhD in Applied Physics from Yale University and a BA in Physics from UC Berkeley.

Minev founded a multi-university science outreach organization, Open Labs, to inspire underrepresented students to pursue careers in the sciences. He received the Yale-Jefferson Award for Public Service for his leadership and the impact of Open Labs at Yale and throughout the North East.
Zlatko Minev