Full Name
Sherry Marcus
Job Title
Director of Applied Science, Generative AI Services
Brief Biography
Sherry Marcus is Director of Applied Science at the AWS Machine Learning Solutions Lab and directs AIML science innovation for AWS commercial and government customers. Prior to this, she led analytics and insights for Amazon Advertising and scaled data science solutions to advertisers. Before Amazon, she was Managing Director and head of the Blackrock Artificial Intelligence (AI) Labs and developed quantitative science solutions for trading and investment businesses.

Sherry was Chief Data Analytics Officer at Millennium Partners (MLP) where she led the development of integration of the AWS public cloud initiative that integrated and resolved position, reference, and e-communication data sets in the delivery of next-gen analytic artifacts to the business. Prior to MLP, Sherry was Global Head of Big Data Analytics at Credit Suisse and created solutions that merged private banking, communication, and news data for client analytics, and developed solutions in support of prime services.

In other previous positions, Sherry held senior mission-critical roles in the intelligence community and DoD while leading a series of highly successful scalable analytics solution in support of national missions in counter-terrorism, counter-narcotics, counter-intelligence, and naval surface warfare. Sherry was a founding member of the science board at the National Counter Terrorism Center and is an advisory board member of the Allen Institute. She has received the technical medal of excellence from the Central Intelligence Agency. She has authored over 40 papers in nationally recognized journals and is a recognized expert in large- scale graph analytics and learning. Sherry Marcus holds a Ph.D. from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in Mathematics and an AB from Cornell University.
Sherry Marcus