Full Name
Kimberly Powell
Job Title
Vice President of Healthcare
Brief Biography
Kimberly Powell is vice president of healthcare at NVIDIA. She is responsible for the company’s worldwide healthcare business, including hardware and software platforms for accelerated computing, AI, and visualization that power the ecosystem of medical imaging, life sciences, drug discovery, and healthcare analytics.

Previously, Kimberly led the company’s higher education and research business, along with strategic evangelism programs, NVIDIA AI Labs, and the NVIDIA Inception program with over 10,000 AI startup members.

Kimberly joined NVIDIA in 2008 with the responsibility of establishing NVIDIA GPUs as the accelerator platform for medical imaging instruments. She spent her early career in engineering and product management of diagnostic display systems at Planar Systems.

Kimberly received a B.S. in electrical engineering with a concentration in computer engineering from Northeastern University.
Kimberly Powell