Full Name
Jared Spataro
Job Title
CVP, Modern Work & Business Applications
Brief Biography
Jared Spataro leads Microsoft’s Modern Work and Business Applications team, which is dedicated to helping every person and organization adapt to the new world of work. His team drives research to help predict and shape what the future of work and business will look like across industries, while also delivering new products and features within Microsoft 365, Teams, Viva, Dynamics 365 and Power Platform that enable everyone to thrive.

The ways we work, communicate and collaborate are changing faster than ever. To be successful in this new normal, organizations need to embrace flexibility and rewire nearly every aspect of their operating model. Microsoft is taking a learn-it-all approach, relying on data, rather than dogma, to guide decisions. Jared and his team are committed to providing compelling data, insights, and technologies that are designed to help Microsoft customers, partners, and communities navigate this shift.

Jared’s perspectives on the future of work have been published in outlets such as Harvard Business Review, Fast Company, and Fortune. He has spoken at events including VivaTech, Wall Street Journal CIO Summit, and Bloomberg Work Shifting Summit. He regularly shares thoughts and data-backed insights on LinkedIn and Twitter.

Jared joined Microsoft in 2006 and has led a number of teams across the company in that time, with a focus on marketing, product management, and business management.

Prior to Microsoft, Jared worked at small- and mid-sized technology companies in engineering, product management, product marketing, business management, and sales. He has a Computer Science degree from Brigham Young University and an MBA from The Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

Outside of Microsoft, Jared does his most important work as a husband, father, and church leader.
Jared Spataro