Full Name
Mira Murati
Job Title
SVP, Research, Product, & Partnerships
Brief Biography
Mira Murati oversees research, product development, and deployment at OpenAI, advancing the company’s mission to ensure that general-purpose artificial intelligence benefits all of humanity. Mira and her teams are pushing the frontiers of what neural networks can do while seeking to better understand the behavior of powerful AI systems, how to make them safer and how to align them with human intentions and human values.

Mira earlier led OpenAI’s hardware strategy, managed the Reinforcement Learning and Safety research teams, and led Product and Deployment. Prior to joining OpenAI, she managed the product and engineering teams at Leap Motion and led the design, development, and launch of vehicle products at Tesla Motors including the Model X, as well as innovative programs in aerospace. She earned a bachelor’s degree in Engineering from Dartmouth’s Thayer School of Engineering.
Mira Murati