Full Name
Zenna Tavares
Job Title
Research Scientist, Columbia University; Co-Founder
Brief Biography
Zenna Tavares is the inaugural Innovation Scholar in Columbia University’s Zuckerman Mind Brain Behavior Institute, Associate Research Scientist in the Data Science Institute, and Co-Founder of Basis Research. Zenna’s research aims to understand how humans reason, that is, how they come to derive knowledge from observing and interacting with the world. He also constructs computational and statistical tools that help advance his work on causal reasoning, probabilistic programming, and other areas. Prior to Columbia University, he was at MIT, where he received a PhD in Cognitive Science and Statistics and was a Postdoctoral Research researcher in the Computer Science Artificial Intelligence Lab (CSAIL). Zenna’s work has received significant recognition including an International Fulbright Science and Technology Award for Outstanding Foreign Students.
Zenna Tavares