Full Name
Bali Raghavan
Job Title
Head of Engineering
Brief Biography
Bali Raghavan, Forward’s Head of Engineering, is a seasoned technology leader with 20+ years of success in taking new, disruptive ideas from concept to production. Raghavan has worked on cutting-edge solutions that impact millions of people.

Prior to Forward, Raghavan previously spent 12 years at Amazon, where he architected and drove worldwide adoption for Amazon's algorithmic pricing engine, and later was responsible for the computer vision, artificial intelligence, and machine learning systems that make Amazon Go’s Just Walk Out experience possible. He was one of the first members of the Amazon Go team, leading prototyping and production phases for the launch of Amazon’s first store in Dec 2016.

Later, while at Opendoor, Raghavan helped address the challenge of creating an engineering powerhouse in an industry (real estate) that is not typically known for technical innovation.

In his current role at Forward, Raghavan is working with a world-class team of engineers, product managers, designers, doctors, and business leaders to build the doctor's office of the future.
Bali Raghavan