Full Name
Shashank Srikant
Job Title
PhD Candidate
Brief Biography
Shashank is currently a PhD candidate in computer science at the CS & AI Lab (CSAIL) in the department of Electrical Engineering and Computer science (EECS) at MIT. His research interests are at the intersection of machine learning, program analysis, and cognitive neuroscience. He has published his work at highly selective global venues like ICLR and KDD and has authored multiple patents. Prior to his PhD studies, he was a senior researcher at Aspiring Minds' research lab, where he helped build, deploy, and manage a number of innovative products involving machine learning. These products are used by >1M job applicants across the world today. He is also interested in governance, and science education and policy. Details on his work can be found on his webpage, https://shashank-srikant.github.io.
Shashank Srikant