Full Name
Zuriñe Varela Aranguren
Job Title
Scientific Director
City Science Lab Gipuzkoa
Brief Biography
Zuriñe Varela Aranguren is the Scientific Director of the City Science Lab in Gipuzkoa. The laboratory’s research focuses on interurban mobility, cohesion, and collaboration among cities in a region that will encourage a vibrant community. It is one of the latest incorporations to the network, happening this year.

Zuriñe’s experience lies in finding innovative ways to use data to boost business growth and solve user’s needs. First in NEM Solutions as a Data Analyst and then in Xabet as a Data Analytics Manager, she worked to develop strategies for data roadmaps in industry, energy, and retail sectors. This experience is built upon her engineering background. She did Industrial Engineering studies at Tecnun (Universidad de Navarra), where a problem-solving mindset provides the tools to tackle challenges effectively.

Let’s connect and discuss how we can shape the future of mobility together.
Zuriñe Varela Aranguren