Full Name
Celina Mikolajczak
Job Title
Chief Battery Technology Officer
Brief Biography
Celina Mikolajczak leads the battery engineering team in commercializing and manufacturing the first North American-based lithium-sulfur cell technology at scale. Having been a battery technology executive at some of the top companies in the industry, such as Tesla, Panasonic, Uber, and Quantumscape, Celina has unparalleled experience and knowledge in the highly sophisticated areas of material engineering, cell engineering, manufacturing engineering, manufacturing operations, supply chain, and battery regulatory strategy that work in concert to deliver commercially viable, high- quality, and qualified battery architectures for the automotive, aerospace, micromobility, and consumer electronics sectors. Developing a fully US-based battery supply chain has been a passion of Celina’s for years as she recognizes the opportunity to accelerate the dimensions of sustainability, safety, and the re-shoring of critical North American cell manufacturing jobs at a time of significant geopolitical and supply chain risk. As an expert in the field of new battery technology, Celina has contributed to dozens of papers and delivered numerous speeches in the automotive, battery, and clean tech industries. She essentially wrote the book on battery safety (Lithium-ion Batteries Hazard and Use Assessment). She is currently a member of multiple Advisory Boards in the battery field and is the “Manufacturing & Infrastructure Committee Chair” at the Li-Bridge Initiative. For her accomplishments, determination, and vision, Celina has become a renowned international business leader, influencer, and role model, especially for women in engineering. She was most recently named to Business Insider’s “2022 Top 100 People Transforming Business” list and was named by the Silicon Valley Business Journal as one of its “Women of Influence” for 2022. In 2020, Celina was also named to Automotive News’ “100 Leading Women in North America”. Education: BS, Engineering and Applied Science, California Institute of Technology; Master’s degree in Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering, Princeton University.
Celina Mikolajczak