Full Name
Noah McQueen
Job Title
Cofounder & Head of Research
Brief Biography
Noah McQueen is queer and is a chemical engineer working to combat climate change.

Noah is incredibly passionate about creating and implementing sustainable solutions to combat the climate crisis and prevent the most devastating effects of our changing climate. Climate change mitigation is about more than shifting where we get our energy or creating sustainable products – it’s about equity, justice, and restoration.

Currently, Noah is cofounder and Head of Research at Heirloom – a direct air capture (DAC) company working to remove carbon dioxide directly from the air. Noah received a B.S. in Chemical Engineering from Colorado School of Mines in May 2018 and a PhD from the University of Pennsylvania in December 2021. Noah's PhD research surrounded carbon dioxide capture and removal with a focus on carbon mineralization technologies, direct air capture systems, process development, carbon accounting, and techno-economic analysis.

When Noah isn't working, they enjoy being in nature, snowboarding, hiking, and reading.
Noah McQueen