Full Name
Jie Xu
Novel polymer semiconductors for skin-like electronics
Brief Biography
Jie Xu has been an Assistant Scientist at Argonne National Lab since 2018. Her research focuses on engineering molecular packing structures under non-equilibrium state, with the aim of achieving organic materials with advanced properties for flexible electronics. Recently, Jie started the effort of combining artificial intelligence and high-throughput robotics systems to accelerate the discovery of electronic functional materials, and to elucidate the fundamental mechanisms of their complex and hierarchical assembly during synthesis/processing (https://www.anl.gov/cnm/polybot). She received her PhD degree in chemistry from Nanjing University in 2014, with her research focusing on understanding molecular packing structures and dynamic behavior in nanoconfined soft matter. Subsequent postdoctoral training at Stanford University applied her background in polymer physics to the emerging field of skin-like electronics, with the development of a new class of polymer-based stretchable electronic material and the realization of integrated, intrinsically stretchable transistors and circuits.
Jie Xu